S.A.L. Suzuki

S.A.L. Suzuki

S.A.L. is practicing DJ since 1995. He is a part of Japanese electronic party scene since 2000. Especially He is the best-known DJ of Japanese progressive sound scene. He was based on the first progressive sound party in Japan as a DJ and the organizer.

He assembled many artists from all over the world and put them on the map. Also He has pushed his sound across the world.

Touring around the world renowned clubs, parties and festivals like Fuji Rock Festival (JP), Womb (JP), Ageha (JP), Nagisa music festival (JP), Solstice Art & Music Festival (JP), Labylynth (JP), Rainbow Serpent Festival (AUS), WMC (Miami), around Europe like France, Denmark and Germany.

He is based on Berlin as the capital of Techno.

His sets include everything from solid minimal techno and funky, groovy electro and TechHouse cuts.

He plays around many clubs and festival with his outstanding DJ skills with final scratch2.

He mixes up digital sound with analog method by Hi-Technology. He is a part of Gemini Recordings as A&R, Promoter.

This flesh label is from Tokyo-Japan has released a debut split 12″ by Extrawelt & Midimiliz called “crsh e.p.” and 2nd 12″ by “The Rockitemen”

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