いままでにも国内外のパーティーからフェスティバルまでコンスタントに活動し、最近ではHong Kong にもプレイグランドを広げている。

また、渋谷QuintrixのBuyerとしても活躍し、Sonic Dragon Rec, そして、Liquid Rec. のレーベルDJ を務める彼のプレイは、スムースでエモーショナルなサイケデリックストーリーを聞かせてくれるだろう。

Kei Fujishiro is one of the true veterans of Tokyo’s psychedelic trance scene. He first began to DJ in 1990, spinning techno and trance as a regular at Tokyo’s legendary Club 3D.

In 1995 when the Goa Trance wave swept through Tokyo, Kei embraced it. He was a resident DJ of the Time Trance crew, one of the first to do parties in Tokyo, where he played alongside such legendary artists as Astral Projection, Transwave, Total Eclipse, GMS, and many more.

Trips around the world have seen Kei play at many major trance hotspots, such as the squat parties in Germany, parties in Nepal, Bangladesh and in Hong Kong. In 2001 Kei focused his energies an QUINTRIX, a music store and cafe in Tokyo, which has rapidly become an insitution in Japan, being Tokyo’s only purely psytrance store.

Kei has recently also begun to produce music, and together with Kuromitsu he has created the Indigo Explorer project, Indigo Explorer is inspired by the roots of psychedelic trance, and combines it with modern ideas and production values to create a fresh sound.

Kei’s DJ style is a very emotional psychedelic story, generating smooth waves of groove in the morning. (Profile From Planet Ben Records & Sonic Dragon Records 2007)

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